Amphibians and reptiles of Caribbean Islands

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Species Data, Images and Maps for West Indian Amphibians and Reptiles
Scientific Name Common Name Author Date Class Order Family Distribution
Eleutherodactylus johnstonei Lesser Antillean Frog Barbour 1914 Amphibia Anura Eleutherodactylidae Barbuda
Anolis leachii Barbuda Bank Tree Anole Duméril and Bibron 1837 Reptilia Squamata Dactyloidae Barbuda
Anolis wattsi Antigua Bank Bush Anole Boulenger 1894 Reptilia Squamata Dactyloidae Barbuda
Leiocephalus cuneus Leeward Islands Curlytail Etheridge 1964 Reptilia Squamata Leiocephalidae Barbuda
Thecadactylus rapicauda Thick-tailed Gecko Houttuyn 1782 Reptilia Squamata Phyllodactylidae Barbuda
Sphaerodactylus elegantulus Antigua Bank Sphaero Barbour 1917 Reptilia Squamata Sphaerodactylidae Barbuda
Pholidoscelis griswoldi Antigua Bank Whiptail Barbour 1916 Reptilia Squamata Teiidae Barbuda
Antillotyphlops geotomus Leeward Blindsnake Thomas 1966 Reptilia Squamata Typhlopidae Barbuda
Caretta caretta Loggerhead Turtle Linnaeus 1758 Reptilia Testudines Cheloniidae Barbuda
Chelonia mydas Green Turtle Linnaeus 1758 Reptilia Testudines Cheloniidae Barbuda
Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill Turtle Linnaeus 1766 Reptilia Testudines Cheloniidae Barbuda
Dermochelys coriacea Leatherback Turtle Vandelli 1761 Reptilia Testudines Dermochelyidae Barbuda
Chelonoidis carbonaria Red-footed Tortoise Spix 1824 Reptilia Testudines Testudinidae Barbuda