Amphibians and reptiles of Caribbean Islands

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Species Data, Images and Maps for West Indian Amphibians and Reptiles
Scientific Name Common Name Author Date Class Order Family Distribution
Gastrophryne carolinensis Eastern Narrowmouth Toad Holbrook 1836 Amphibia Anura Microhylidae Cayman Islands
Hemidactylus mabouia Tropical House Gecko Moreau de Jonnès 1818 Reptilia Squamata Gekkonidae Cayman Islands
Pantherophis guttatus Corn Snake Linnaeus 1766 Reptilia Squamata Colubridae Cayman Islands
Indotyphlops braminus Flowerpot Blindsnake Daudin 1803 Reptilia Squamata Typhlopidae Cayman Islands
Trachemys scripta Red-eared Slider Schoepff 1792 Reptilia Testudines Emydidae Cayman Islands