Amphibians and reptiles of Caribbean Islands

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Species Data, Images and Maps for West Indian Amphibians and Reptiles
Scientific Name Common Name Author Date Class Order Family Distribution
Anolis landestoyi 2016 Reptilia Squamata Hispaniola
Gymnophthalmus underwoodi Smooth-scaled Worm Lizard Grant 1958 Reptilia Squamata Gymnophthalmidae Hispaniola
Leiocephalus sixtoi Hispaniolan Dune Curlytail Köhler, Bobadilla and Hedges 2016 Reptilia Squamata Leiocephalidae Hispaniola
Mabuya parviterrae Petite Terre Skink Hedges, Lorvelec, Barré, Berchel, Combot, Vidal, and Pavis 2016 Reptilia Squamata Mabuyidae Hispaniola