Amphibians and reptiles of Caribbean Islands

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Species Data, Images and Maps for West Indian Amphibians and Reptiles
Species data Image Distribution
Eleutherodactylus johnstonei - Barbour, 1914
Amphibia | Anura | Eleutherodactylidae
Lesser Antillean Frog
St. Kitts
IUCN Status: Least Concern
Eleutherodactylus johnstonei Locality map of Eleutherodactylus johnstonei
Anolis bimaculatus - Sparrman, 1784
Reptilia | Squamata | Dactyloidae
Statia Bank Tree Anole
St. Kitts
IUCN Status: Not Assessed
Anolis bimaculatus
Side view of Anolis bimaculatus
Locality map of Anolis bimaculatus
Anolis schwartzi - Lazell, 1972
Reptilia | Squamata | Dactyloidae
Saint Kitts Bank Bush Anole
St. Kitts
IUCN Status: Not Assessed
Anolis schwartzi
Side view of Anolis schwartzi
Locality map of Anolis schwartzi
Sphaerodactylus sabanus - Cochran, 1938
Reptilia | Squamata | Sphaerodactylidae
Northern Leeward Sphaero
St. Kitts
IUCN Status: Not Assessed
Sphaerodactylus sabanus
Side view of Sphaerodactylus sabanus
Locality map of Sphaerodactylus sabanus
Sphaerodactylus sputator - Sparrman, 1784
Reptilia | Squamata | Sphaerodactylidae
Leeward Banded Sphaero
St. Kitts
IUCN Status: Not Assessed
Sphaerodactylus sputator
Side view of Sphaerodactylus sputator
Locality map of Sphaerodactylus sputator
Pholidoscelis erythrocephalus - Daudin, 1802
Reptilia | Squamata | Teiidae
Orange-faced Whiptail
St. Kitts
IUCN Status: Not Assessed
Pholidoscelis erythrocephalus
Side view of Pholidoscelis erythrocephalus
Locality map of Pholidoscelis erythrocephalus
Alsophis rufiventris - Duméril, Bibron, and Duméril, 1854
Reptilia | Squamata | Dipsadidae
Orange-bellied Racer
St. Kitts
IUCN Status: Endangered
Alsophis rufiventris
Side view of Alsophis rufiventris
Locality map of Alsophis rufiventris
Antillotyphlops geotomus - Thomas, 1966
Reptilia | Squamata | Typhlopidae
Leeward Blindsnake
St. Kitts
IUCN Status: Not Assessed
Antillotyphlops geotomus
Side view of Antillotyphlops geotomus
Locality map of Antillotyphlops geotomus